The Body in the Woods by April Henry

Reviewed by: Isabela Lewis

Wouldn’t it be awesome to help the police, finding and even save people?

You could be the hero or the victim.  body

Three teenagers join Portland County Search and Rescue.  These three unalike teenagers have secrets unknown to the world. Alexis, Nick, and Ruby are put on a team to find an autistic 30 year old man lost in the forest but suddenly stumbles upon a dead girl, a teenager. After finding her, two other girls were found dead in the same forest. Was this an accident or murder? Who could’ve killed her?

My favorite part is when they find the dead girl and it completely changes everything.

I recommend this book to people who are interested in mysteries and have an adventurous personality.

I give this book a 4**** out of 5***** stars. I say this because it didn’t always hold my interest, but overall it is a great book.


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