Heroes of Hurricane Katrina: 10 True Tails by Allan Zullo

Reviewed by: Andrew Westerman

Imagine if you were on a boat in a hurricane battling waves, rain, wind, and debris and other people need a ride that would save their lives. Would you do the job?

In hurricanes, a lot of people save lives from family to foe. The people in this book did what had to be done. Every story in this book is different. They were saving people from helicopters and even keepin51dhTB30uPL._SX341_BO1,204,203,200_g the radio tower from short-circuiting. Some made a life jacket out of jeans and others used Humvees and tanks. While they faced being shot, looting, and being held gunpoint, they still did it. Would you?

My favorite part is when a cyclist came to see his hometown one day after the hurricane and jumped on a boat named the Skeeter. When he was saving people, he saw a convoy of tanks and Humvees that had come stop the violence. He had to strap a gun to him to make it look like he was part of the convoy.

I recommend this book to people who like action and some emotion.

I give this book ***** out of ***** stars because it had a lot of twists, action.  The book is very descriptive.


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