Autumn’s Kiss By: Bella Thorne


Series: Book #251dI5cAGceL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_

Reviewed by: Becca

Autumn is beginning a new school year but, the year seems kind of flirty will she find the right guy or will she be left hanging?

Autumn decides to open her special journal but there is something wrong, the cover isn’t flexible. She takes it to her grandmother, will they find out what’s wrong? Autumn is quite popular and lots of boys like her. She realizes she might be right, for who she never imagined she would be good for.

My favorite part of the book is where Autumn tries to make things better but doesn’t necessarily make them better. I like this part because it teaches a life long lesson “Don’t try to make what’s good, better.”

This is good for people who like romance, drama, and adventure.

I give this book 5***** out of 5***** stars.  I think this book is an amazing book. It starts a little slow but by the end is has a lot of action.

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